need help booking a holiday?


As I can’t quite get away with booking another 10 holidays this year I’ve decided to flex my booking skills for others instead – give his girl the Nobel Peace prize or summit riiiiight?

I’ll then post my findings on here each week so that we can all be tempted to book the shit out of some cheap (but lushhhhh) getaways.

So, how to get in touch? Send me a message to and answer the following:

  • What dates are you looking to go and is there any flexibility?
  • Where are leaving from?
  • Where would you like to go?
  • Where would you not like to go? (already visited, etc.)
  • Who are you going with?
  • What’s your budget per person?
  • What temperature are you after?
  • What do you like to do on holiday? Sightseeing, food & drink, hiking, etc.
  • What has been your favourite holiday of the last couple of years?

In general, I’ll only find you well rated and nice looking accommodation so also point out if you’re willing to slum it a little if it means you get the best price out there.

Right, let’s see what comes of this, eh?!!

One thought on “need help booking a holiday?”

  1. Will need to leave on 30th July & need to get back on 5th August. Leaving from Manchester or Liverpool ideally, but could do Birmingham at a push.
    I’d like a pool/beach holiday as I’ve donecity breaks for the last couple of years & need to chill out. Balearics, canaries or Greece.
    Going with my children 25, 23 & 17 & my sons partner so will need 3 bedrooms (I could share with my daughter)
    Total budget max is £2500 but would prefer less.
    High 20s -low 30s temp wise
    Just want to relax, have a nice evening meal & a few drinks this year


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