One quick tip to get £25 off your next stay with


3 of the 6 times I booked a hotel for my 10 holiday challenge, offered the best rates – NICE ONE LADS.

And so when they sent me an email to say ‘would you like to give how many holidays fan folk £25 off their next booking’ I was like ‘erm, yeah? What’s the catch?’.

But it turns out that apart from needing to book a hotel worth £50 or more, there wasn’t one.


So, if you’ve got a hotel that needs booking, USE THIS LINK PALS:

After check in, £25 will be credited back onto the card registered on your account (so make sure you also set up an account with your card details saved!) Full terms can be found here.

There’s currently no expiry date on this offer and it even works if you’ve booked with the site in the past so why not save this page and keep it in mind for any upcoming jaunts.

You can only claim a referral once per account but if you’re booking for a second time and staying with someone else, why not set them up an account too?

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve had an email saying you’re due to receive £0 instead of £25, do not fret! It’s just a comms glitch. Scroll to the bottom for further info.

It’s also worth saying that isn’t just about hotels, I actually booked our amazing Gdańsk apartment through it as well (though pssst, that link won’t get you the money off!)


You can also see it in the flesh here!


You’re back from your trip and you want your money – I HEAR YOU!

First things first, if you’ve had an email saying you’re due to receive £0 back instead of the promised £25, don’t worry.

As long as you’ve followed the terms (over £50 spend, first time using a referral link, card details uploaded onto you will get your £25 back. It’s just a communications glitch (based on the fact that I get £0 back each time one of you books!) that the team are working to sort out.

Your money will be back in your account 30 days after you return home from your stay and you can track this by logging onto your account and clicking on ‘My Dashboard’.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.17.48

Then, click on ‘Refer friends and earn’ (or click that from the dropdown menu straightaway!) and scroll to the bottom where it says ‘All Bookings’ which should look a little something like this:

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.23.26.png


21 thoughts on “One quick tip to get £25 off your next stay with”

      1. Hi one more question: If I got a new account with a credit card that was used to receive money from other referred link, is it still eligible to get 25 pounds back? Many thanks.


      2. Hi Xi! It’s my belief that you’re allowed one referral per account. It could be my referral here, or another friends, but you couldn’t have both. However, if you had another account – say with your work email – you could technically use the referral code again. I hope that makes sense!


  1. Hi! I have done reservation by your link today (guesthouse in Koh Lanta, Thailand). It will cosT HB 658,80 which is around GBP 52. But… in My Rewards/Reward status sections, there is: “Not eligible – Terms and conditions not met”. Have you ani idea why? Anyway, thanks for deal I hope It will work however…


  2. How do you created that link? When i created a link it just gives %10 discount.İf you say me how do you created this one i will use your ref link.


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