holiday five vlog | business class to benidorm

How did I forget to post this bad boy?! Yes, holiday five sees me tick off that illustrious ‘business class’ flight. And where to? Benidorm, of course!

Flying with British Airways, business class wasn’t quite as pricey as I had initially feared when I first plonked it on my ‘must do’ list. Costing £216, it included priority check in, two pieces of luggage, access to the business class BA lounge, priority boarding, food and drink on board and priority baggage on arrival (ours was second out which was bloody GREAT).

Whilst the seats themselves weren’t anything fancy (you got a ‘spare’ seat in between you and the person next to you), for around £100 more than an economy ticket I can definitely see why people would upgrade as a bit of a treat. Especially when I realised that the alcohol in the lounge was FREE POUR.

James was so enamoured by it all that he declared ‘I refuse to fly any other way’.

Well, that certainly doesn’t bode too well for his involvement in the rest of this challenge…

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